biometric time clocks for small businesses Mesa

Many employers think biometric time clocks cost too much for the average SMB. Actually, this misconception is far more expensive. It prevents business owners from getting one. It is the lack of a biometric time clock that jacks up of doing business.

Why? Any other type of punch in device is prone to errors. Sloppy employee timekeeping inflates labor expenses in numerous ways.

1. Employee Wage Theft Costs You

  • Employees punching in before their designated shift start time
  • Workers punching out after their authorized shift end time
  • Workers failing to clock out for unpaid breaks and meals
  • A worker punching in for another employee who is not working (This staff member may end up coming in late or not show up at all)

If you think this is not happening at your workplace, you must believe that your employees are somehow different than other workers. The truth is that study after study confirms that wage theft is widespread among hourly employees.

When you are paying wages for time not actually worked, you are losing money. And your payroll budget is probably already your biggest expense.

2. Human Error Also Costs You

  • Workers unable to recall previous shift times when filling out a time card severals days later
  • Supervisors making math errors when reconciling time cards
  • HR managers miscalculating accruals
  • Data entry mistakes when entering employee hours in the payroll system

How Much Are You Losing?

Studies by the American Payroll Association and other industry experts are sobering. They estimate that the amount of time employers overpay workers ranges from two to four hours a week per employee. For our example, let’s assume that you are paying an extra three hours a week per staff member. If your average hourly wage is $10, and you have 30 employees, the grand total is $46,800 dollars in extra wages each year.

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