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Automated time and attendance systems benefit all of your staff members. Let’s highlight one group of employees: your managers.

Workforce Management Software Benefits for Managers

1. Expanded Employee Oversight

Priority one for supervisors is team oversight. This can be challenging even when all workers are in the same office. Managers with mobile, offsite, or remote staff members have even greater challenges. Even the best staff members can inhibit productivity when they aren’t guided by managers.

TimeSource Plus allows team leads to monitor all workers from their smartphone or tablet. This helps managers keep everyone on track with an eye on the big picture as well.

2. Speedy Time Card Approvals

TimeSource Plus creates digital time cards as employees punch in and out. The hours are tallied with each shift. Not only hours worked, but overtime hours and PTO accruals. This simple process improves efficiency substantially. The manager accesses all the time cards online. The system doesn’t make addition mistakes, so the manager doesn’t need to double check.

3. Improved Schedule Building

Workforce management solutions help managers staff shifts correctly. Coverage gaps and overstaffing affect customer service and employee satisfaction. When each shift has the right number of workers, customers receive attentive service.

4. Better Communication

Access1Source cloud-based workforce management solutions provide a centralized forum for inter- and intra-team communication. Managers and staff members communicate through the system on mobile devices.

The whole team can see scheduling changes in real time. It ends the back-and-forth texts regarding schedules. Employees can check their schedule, time cards, and other information any time. This helps employees complete HR workflows and solve problems on their own. This relieves the admin burden on managers as well as the Human Resources staff.

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