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Does it take way too long to approve time cards? We can help. Here are 3 ways you can speed up time card approvals. You’ll never delay check processing again.

1. Automate Time And Attendance

Upgrade your time and attendance system. TimeSource Plus automates employee timekeeping for fast time card approvals. It is designed for small to mid-size businesses with hourly employees.

TimeSource Plus automatically capture punches and creates web-based time cards. Employees can clock in with a physical time clock or web portal.

TimeSource Plus is inexpensive and improves efficiency for all HR processes.

When you automate, you reduce errors. Then you don’t have to spend the time to research and correct them.

2. Use A Mobile App

TimeWorks Mobile is the companion app to TimeSource Plus.

With TimeWorks Mobile, all you need is a web browser. Your employees can punch in with any internet-connected device. Your supervisors can view time cards on their smartphone. The systems are cloud-based, so you don’t have to install software on your company computers.

3. Use Schedule Enforcement

The schedule enforcement tools in TimeSource Plus ensure that employees are clocking in and out when they are supposed to. No more missed punches.

When your digital time cards have no missed punches, time card approval is a breeze.

Schedule enforcement also simplifies compliance with Federal Labors Standards Act (FLSA) and predictive scheduling.

Automation increases the efficiency of time card administration. And it also saves you money. Schedule enforcement prevents unplanned overtime and hours padding. Centralization allows your supervisors to see all the time cards in one place.

If you have a problem with time fraud at your business, you might consider a biometric time clock. A biometric time clock requires a physical attribute for identification—making buddy clocking impossible.

TimeSource Plus speeds up time card approvals while saving money. What’s not to like?

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