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Are you switching to TimeSource Plus? That’s great!

This post will help you have a smooth timekeeping system rollout and transition.

These are the steps:

  1. Get approval to switch systems
  2. Design a rollout plan and timeline
  3. Create an account and learn the system
  4. Train managers
  5. Managers train their teams

Get Approval

Don’t waste time until you receive formal approval. You may have to prepare a written request.

Create a Structured TimeSource Plus Rollout Plan

Choose an implementation manager (IM). Your IM is responsible to make sure each department fully adopts the new system. If your business has many departments, your IM may need their own committee.

By choosing a capable person to handle the transition, you centralize the project communication. This prevents confusion and keeps the process moving.

We can help you design a TimeSource Plus rollout plan.

After registering your TimeSource Plus account (this just takes a minute or two), enter your employees in the software. Then customize your settings.

Most companies have no problem getting their workers to start using TimeSource Plus. But it’s good to do some P.R. so everyone understand why you are switching systems.

Communicate the Benefits of TimeSource Plus

Start with managers. If managers can prepare their team members, they will be more likely to get on board.

TimeSource Plus is intuitive. It has a simple, straightforward interface. Anyone who has used a phone app can use it.

You won’t have any complaints about the system being too complicated. In fact, our clients report that their employees are thrilled to dispense with paper time cards. They also love requesting time off in the system and checking their schedules. Managers appreciate not having to chase down timesheets.

Train Managers

Ideally, all of your managers will commit to the TimeSource Plus. 

Review your timekeeping and scheduling policies as part of the transition instructions.

It’s natural for staff members to worry that a new timekeeping system could affect their pay. They might be hesitant because they think it will be a hassle.

Highlight the increased transparency and convenience. Employees love self-service HR. With the mobile TimeSource Plus app, they can access HR any time and anywhere. 

Describe in detail how TimeSource Plus will solve their most annoying problems. This might be shift-swapping, schedule confusion, time off requests, PTO monitoring, or time card submission.

Transition in Stages

If you have many teams, adopt in stages. Once one team has transitioned to TimeSource Plus, you will have solved any unexpected concerns. Then you can prevent them going forward.

For the first few weeks or months, remind employees to use TimeSource Plus. It may take a while for everyone to get in the habit.

If you have remote or mobile employees who will be GPS tracked for the first time, expect some complaints. Staff members who are used to little supervision may question the increased oversight. Honest employees have nothing to fear. Keep that in mind.

You have every right to verify that your mobile or offsite associates are working when and where they are scheduled. 

Accountability works both ways. Tracking time to the minute benefits them when they clock out a half hour late. TimeSource Plus ensures they will be paid fairly for all of their time.

TimeSource Plus allows supervisors to reward staff members who are punctual. TimeSource Plus will also help you avoid shift coverage gaps. This improves life for everyone—especially your customer service team.

You need accurate timekeeping data to bill clients. TimeSource Plus will help you allocate resources to projects.

Respond to all Questions

Make sure your IM is available to answer questions about TimeSource Plus. Prompt feedback helps everyone maintain a positive attitude.

Make Using The New System Mandatory

Don’t make the new system optional. You can’t benefit fully from TimeSource Plus until everyone is using it.

Reducing labor costs, simplifying admin, and improving productivity will benefit everyone. 


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