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Access1Source has three new product walkthroughs: 

What Is TimeSource Plus?

TimeSource Plus is a timekeeping system from Access1Source. Use it the first day you sign up! It’s cloud-based so you don’t need to install it on your own servers. You can set it up in minutes. Access1Source takes care of updates and customer support.

Ready to check it out? 

Test Drive TimeSource Plus

With the TimeSource Plus Employee Portal walkthrough, you can see every screen. Push all the buttons. Take all the time you need to learn how this convenient software works.

You will be greeted by the EMPLOYEE login screen. It’s uncomplicated. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t. Click the buttons to perform various operations. 

Advance the screens with the arrows on the bottom. Log in to the system. The navigation bar along the top of the dashboard makes it easy to move around. Screen #2 is the EMPLOYEE dashboard. This is where employees punch in and see important announcements. It contains the web clock front and center. Once you punch in, there is a confirmation of the time and punch type. 

Online Time Cards

You get to the straightforward and uncomplicated time card screen by clicking on the TIME CARD button from the top navigation bar. The time card layout is clean and simple. Employees can easily see any pay period.

If an employee missed their last punch, a button reminds them to correct it. Click on the MISSED PUNCH alert to see how easy this works. 

The TRANSFER function is for businesses with more than one facility. See how employees switch job sites. You can also track departments or job roles.

TimeSource Plus Messages

The MESSAGE box is to the right of the web clock. Employers use this area for important information for all staff. This ensures that all staff members know about events and announcements. The MESSAGE box can be used to manage an employee engagement program.

Timekeeping Transparency with TimeSource Plus

Online time clocks provide improved efficiency. Your labor force can see exactly when they punched in or out. It takes the guesswork out of something that requires consistent accuracy.

Save 8 Hours Per Week!

How long does it take to add up hours? How much time would automation save you? Our clients save from 8-10 hours a week. Reclaim those hours (and your sanity!) with TimeSource Plus.

Timekeeping Integrity

When TimeSource Plus does the math, you protect your payroll from human error. There is a 2%-3% error rate in manual data entry and calculation. Accurate tracking ensures payroll integrity. It also helps you maintain Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance.

A Better Way to Manage Timesheets

With automated timekeeping, personnel don’t have to fill out a paper one. Managers have access to their teams’ time sheets from any mobile device. Employers that use paper timesheets know that employees often forget to record hours. When employees guesstimate hours after the fact, there is a high error rate. Whether it’s intentional or not, it inflates payroll.

The Smart Way To Do Time Card Approvals

Approvals can be a never-ending hassle. Managers have to collect time cards that weren’t submitted. If an employee didn’t record a shift clock in or clock out, the supervisor needs to research and fix it. Put an end to the time card relay race.

Employee Self-Service Accruals Management

Even team members who like their job would rather be on vacation. (Can you blame them?) The TimeSource Plus ACCRUALS function is an employee favorite. Customize this feature for your vacation policy. Employees can monitor their accruals on any mobile device.

No-hassle Time Off Requests

In addition to accessing PTO balances, associates request time off. Click on the REQUEST TIME OFF button. It brings up a box that allows the employee to enter the desired dates. Click in the date field. A window with a calendar opens. You select the dates from a calendar. The calendar interface reduces mistakes.

Managers can see all time off requests in the manager view. They don’t have to remember which ones they have already approved. This puts all staff on a level playing field. Minimize the appearance of favoritism common with a first-come-first-served system.

Employee Information Management

Click on the employee name in the upper right-hand corner. Employees can update their information on the information screen. Basic information management is at the heart of efficiency.

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