Data Security

SecuRR is a data and report writing system that allows departments within a company to share data files, yet keep sensitive, data such as personnel records, payroll and accounting information hidden from those groups who do not have clearance to such information.

It seamlessly reads from multiple systems and data sources (including FoxPro, DBASE, ASCII and ODBC to provide a single, secure platform for data access and reporting. SecuRR allows department heads or database administrators to define table-level, row-level and column level security. SecuRR supports popular report writers such as R&R/ARPEGGIO and Crystal Reports.

The power of SecuRR allows your company to maximize the effectiveness of database information sharing within the organization without risk or compromise to sensitive information.

Designed for ease-of-use, the SecuRR Report Navigator features a user-friendly graphical interface familiar to Windows 95 users. Because the navigator is intuitive, new users can quickly become productive running and creating ad-hoc reports.

*SecuRR is a registered trademark of Mangrove Software. R&R® and ARPEGGIO® are trademarks of Wall Data, Inc. Crystal Reports® is a trademark of Seagate Software, Inc.  All other product or company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.