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Is Your Timekeeping System Protecting You From DOL Fines?

In today's message, I am directing my arguments to small employers who use pen and paper timesheets. Why Paper Time Cards Can Put You at Risk of FLSA Fines How often do you worry about labor law compliance? I'm talking about FLSA laws that govern minimum wage, child...

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The Access1Source Guide to WFM Implementation

Today's post is for business owners who have recently opted to adopt a Workforce Management system but have not yet implemented it. By following a few guidelines, you can have a smooth system implementation and begin to enjoy the benefits right away. Here is the...

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What Could You Do With $30k?

If you've read our blog before, you know that one of the significant benefits of implementing Workforce Management Suite is a reduction in overhead. To be specific, your cost of employee labor. Today, I want to review hard numbers. What Could You Do With an Extra...

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Restaurant Scheduling Best Practices

Welcome to the Access1Source blog. Today's post addresses restaurant scheduling best practices. We have helped many restaurant owners improve and simplify their employee scheduling with TimeSimplicity, the leading scheduling system for the hospitality industry....

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Why Biometric Time Clocks Are A Must-Have

Many employers think biometric time clocks cost too much for the average SMB. Actually, this misconception is far more expensive. It prevents business owners from getting one. It is the lack of a biometric time clock that jacks up of doing business. Why? Any other...

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Which Labor Law Did You Break Today?

Many business owners who have been penalized for labor law violations never realized they were noncompliant. But we all know that ignorance is no excuse. Here are common FLSA violations to avoid:1. Misclassifying Employees Any employer who fails to follow...

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Why is HR The Last Department to Get Tech Tools?

For the past several years, we have discovered that many companies have been successfully implementing technology for CRM, accounting, merchant transactions, manufacturing, online marketing, and inventory management. As IT teams swell, it seems as if HR is often...

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3 Ways to Pay Less for Labor

While labor expenses are not something that employers can completely eliminate, we have yet to encounter a business that cannot find ways to reduce them. A reduction in labor costs provides an immediate monetary benefit, so it's easy to measure the ROI. One reason...

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No More Missed Punches

Biometric Time Clock Paired With Employee Timekeeping System TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Company-Wide Benefits HR and Payroll managers won't have to research and correct...

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