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How Can I Improve My PBJ Reporting?

Regulatory compliance reporting can sometimes seem nebulous and fuzzy. Where does the compliance data go when you send it to an enormous federal agency? Does anyone actually do anything with it? Don't wrongly assume that Payroll Based Journal data is lost in a vast...

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Get Ready for Fair Scheduling Regulations

You may not live in a jurisdiction that has enacted predictive scheduling legislation, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get ready. "Fair scheduling," "secure scheduling," or "fair workweek" laws are designed to protect workers from the uncertainty of on-call and...

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Why You Need Automated WFM for Salaried Employees

  Some employers with only salaried personnel often believe automated Workforce Management is only necessary for organizations with hourly employees. The object of this article is to explain why this couldn't be further from the truth. Why Companies With Salaried...

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Case Study: Call Center

Call centers that optimize their human capital can significantly increase efficiency and productivity. This was the intent of our example company, a customer service center which had launched eight years previously with one healthcare client. Last year, when they...

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TimeSimplicity: The Cure for Nurse Staffing Headaches

Today's post is for nurse managers currently using substandard scheduling tools. When caring for patients, nurses live in a world of innovative devices and sophisticated data management systems that have significantly upgraded the way they execute their jobs. Despite...

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Case Study: Residential Care Facility

Today's case study explains how Workforce Management Suite cleaned up an employee scheduling mess at an 18-bed group home for adults with chronic mental illness. The long-term care facility needed relief from nonstop employee scheduling confusion that had eroded staff...

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Case Study: Hotel Workforce Management

Today's case study highlights how the owner of a small hotel won a competitive edge by implementing Workforce Management Suite. Our example company is a 45-room hotel located on the slopes of a small ski resort. For fifty years, this facility and two similar-sized...

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Case Study: Tech Firm With Remote Employees

Telecommuting is a valuable perk our example company offers its tech employees. The software development firm has 18 permanent employees and hires contract staff members on an as-needed basis. The company operates completely from a virtual office and benefits from the...

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