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Why Does Human Resources Exist?

Hello HR professionals! Do you ever have to grapple with HR naysayers? These with a bad attitude toward your department? Today's message is a tribute to Human Resources. The next time you are challenged, you will be better able to justify why HR is the most important...

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WorkforceHUB Lowers Costs For Human Resources Functions

Human resources functions can be a budget buster. WorkforceHUB reduces HR costs to ensure profitability.  WorkforceHUB is the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) from Access1Source. What is an HRMS? An HRMS is an integrated suite of tools. It has an...

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Access1Source Has The Top Hire By Google Alternative

Hey, Hire by Google users! Have you found new hiring software? You probably know that Hire by Google is being discontinued September 2020. Don’t skip a beat in your hiring efforts. We invite you to talk to us about our top-rated Google Hire alternative....

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TimeSource Plus Is The Ideal PTO Solution

TimeSource Plus can solve PTO problems faced by small and mid-size businesses. It's the only way to manage PTO. Problem 1: Spreadsheets are a pain Solution: TimeSource Plus tracks PTO as your employees clock in and out. It can save you several hours every month. You...

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Reduce Labor Costs 20%!

Need to reduce costs? How about reducing admin and labor costs by 20%? Where do you start? Consolidate Your Human Resources Get WorkforceHUB from Access1Source Use best practices for Human Resources functions When all Human Resources is managed in one platform, you...

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The Access1Source Guide To Structured Interviews

In our business, we talk to employers every day. They tell us that finding good employees is getting more difficult. The labor market is more competitive than ever.  Optimizing recruiting is essential. Let's talk about a key component: how to conduct hiring...

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Employers: Make Sure You Define 12-Month FMLA Leave Policy

Employees can use up to 12 weeks of FMLA leave in a 12-month period. However, you can calculate the leave in several different ways. FMLA allows the employer to use any of the following techniques to define the 12-month period: Calendar year: 12-month period that runs...

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Why Your Company Needs a Hiring Plan

Do you hire on an as-needed basis? In other words, when someone quits, you kick into hiring mode? Turn a reactive hiring process to a proactive one. You do this by developing a yearly hiring plan. You will find higher quality staff members Your company will grow...

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