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How Can I Speed Up Payroll?

Is payroll a hassle? Integrating payroll and employee time and attendance eliminates payroll problems. It also makes life easier for your employees, managers, and HR team.Today's message is for companies that have separate payroll and employee time and attendance...

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TimeSimplicity: Fast, Easy Shift Scheduling

Shift scheduling has significant repercussions. You can dramatically improve your schedules with shift scheduling software. When you schedule better, your employees can serve your customers better.Spreadsheets don't cut it. Why?Spreadsheets don't have scheduling...

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Mobile Workforce Management Is No Longer Optional

In every industry, employees are becoming more mobile. Cell phones, tablets, and smart watches make it easy to get work done anywhere. Internet-enabled devices are affordable and universal. We probably don't realize how much we rely on them.Cloud-based software...

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How Can I Avoid Payroll Mistakes?

Payroll screw-ups frustrate your staff members, create hassles for your HR team, and can cost you money in unnecessary overpayment or penalties for compliance violations. In the past five years, business owners paid more than 1.2 billion in back wages due to payroll...

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How To Manage Remote Workers

Despite a couple of high-profile companies recently pulling their at-home workers back to the office, the global trend of increased telecommuting is not slowing down. According to Global Workplace Analytics: The percentage of employees (non-self-employed) who work at...

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Need to Convince Your Boss to Invest in a WFM System?

Are you trying to persuade your boss to implement an advanced Workforce Management system such as Workforce Management Suite? Today's post is for HR managers who want to upgrade from manual processes to an automated system but don't have the authority to make the...

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Why You Need a Biometric Time Clock

If you have hourly workers, your organization may be leaking cash unnecessarily. I'm talking about time theft. It can be just as expensive as employees stealing merchandise. Time Theft Is Widespread Among Hourly WorkersTime theft comes in many flavors. One flavor is...

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Construction Time Tracking App For Multiple Sites

If you are in construction, you've got to schedule work crews efficiently. TimeSimplicity is the top time tracking app for construction. It makes work crew scheduling easy.After all, construction projects live or die by scheduling.New organizations that start out...

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