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Is It Time To Update Your Employee Handbook?

Your company employee handbook is critical for operations in your company. We have one here at Access1Source. Our employee handbook is the go to for understanding policy, communications, expectations and consequences. It is a document that every company should have...

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WorkforceHUB: Unified Employee HR Portal

Is your Human Resources department overwhelmed? With WorkforceHUB, one HR administrator (or small business owner) can manage dozens of employees. WorkforceHUB really does it all. Time and attendance, scheduling, employee engagement, onboarding, benefits enrollment,...

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How Workforce Management Software Benefits Your Managers

Automated time and attendance systems benefit all of your staff members. Let's highlight one group of employees: your managers. Workforce Management Software Benefits for Managers 1. Expanded Employee OversightPriority one for supervisors is team oversight. This can...

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Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement?

The HR experts at Access1Source want employers to understand the importance of employee engagement. How Does Employee Engagement Benefit Your Business? 1. When you increase engagement, you improve productivity and profitability.  2. Engaged employees provide...

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Construction Crew Scheduling Made Easy

Today's post is for construction managers that schedule multiple crews. TimeSimplicity makes it easy to schedule crews at multiple locations.Construction owners don't have room for error when it comes to laborforce resource planning. Tight margins require strategic...

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Human Resources on Autopilot?

Most companies try to save money and improve efficiency by automating workflows. Especially when advanced software, machinery, and outsourcing becomes cost-effective. Why Is Human Resources Stuck in 1995? Curiously, some companies neglect Human Resources in the quest...

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The Intuitive WorkforceHUB Employee Dashboard

WorkforceHUB from Access1Source is a unified Human Resources portal. It has customizable dashboards for employees and managers. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Let's look at the employee view: Clock In Page Current time Clock in/out Time of most...

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