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Can WFM Save Me 30k Annually?

Are you a SMB owner wondering if you should turn your attention to Workforce Management? You may question whether the time and energy spent on an initiative would yield measurable results. Is WFM worth it? How about 30k a year? Access1Source has found that the average...

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Case Study: Cabinet Shop

Running a small manufacturing operation in the United States is not for the faint of heart. We have seen so many proud "Made in America" operations fail due to foreign competition and the recession that those unfamiliar with the industry might be surprised to learn...

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Case Study: Health Club

In the last few years, health club memberships have dropped in price due to increasing industry competition. To stay profitable, gyms must serve hundreds of clients with a small staff, and our example gym is no exception. The gym's owners knew that it was easier to...

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Case Study: Landscaping Business

Today's case study focuses on a landscaping business with 18 full time employees, 6 part time workers, and 15-20 seasonal contractors during peak months. The business provides landscaping and lawn maintenance services to businesses and residential clients in a large...

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Avoid FLSA Violations Committed By These Large Employers

Learning from your own mistakes is a good thing, but it's even better to learn from someone else's and avoid them altogether. Today's post is a cautionary tale citing wage hour violations made by multi-million dollar organizations. FLSA violations committed repeatedly...

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PBJ File Rejected? Let’s Fix It.

Today's post is for PBJ (Payroll Based Journal) managers at skilled nursing facilities who have had a PBJ file rejected by the CMS. Whether you entered the data manually or used a PBJ reporting platform, you are probably anxious to identify and correct the problem to...

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Case Study: Small Manufacturer

Today's example company is owned by a woman who starting making soap as a fun hobby. She started selling her handcrafted, all-natural soaps only because friends and acquaintances asked if they could purchase them. She wasn't planning to launch a startup. She had no...

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How Can I Improve My PBJ Reporting?

Regulatory compliance reporting can sometimes seem nebulous and fuzzy. Where does the compliance data go when you send it to an enormous federal agency? Does anyone actually do anything with it? Don't wrongly assume that Payroll Based Journal data is lost in a vast...

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Get Ready for Fair Scheduling Regulations

You may not live in a jurisdiction that has enacted predictive scheduling legislation, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get ready. "Fair scheduling," "secure scheduling," or "fair workweek" laws are designed to protect workers from the uncertainty of on-call and...

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