Payroll and Tax Solutions

In the world of payroll processing, there is a necessary flow of information on earnings, taxes, employee benefits, garnishments, tips, and direct deposits. In addition, time and attendance records may accumulate at various sites, by pay types and rates. With Access1Source’s Payroll and Tax Filing Solution, information integrates automatically to and from the HR Solution and from other points of origination such as Recruitment Solution and Time and Labor Solution.¬†Employees off-site can use web-based screens and our integrated clock terminals for entering time and attendance data. The system can calculate unlimited direct deposits, earnings, deductions, and much more for each employee.

Process Automation
You can create a checklist of how you process payroll and related tasks, and automate that process. You don’t have to worry about missing a step or making costly errors. One of the key design elements of the HR management solution automated the labor-intensive payroll processes. By automating the wave of information in and out of Payroll, we greatly simplify an increasingly complicated task, while still protecting sensitive payroll data.

With Access1Source you can submit your payroll information using a variety of methods:

  • Traditional Fax or Telephone
  • PC Desktop Using E-Mail
  • Inernet-24x7 Web Access
  • POS Interface for time management transmittal

The Access1Source web-based payroll services provide a powerful, easy-to-learn and use system for submitting payroll data.  If you can browse the Web, you are ready for Access1Source. As more and more business owners have invested in computer and communication technology to better manage their business, doing payroll on your PC via the Internet with Access1Source just makes good sense.

The Access1Source Solution is easy-to-learn and simple to use.

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