Time Clocks


Easy: Employees simply slide their card through the slot to clock in or clock out.

Our fully automated, secure time and attendance terminals are a viable option for you to stay in compliance with the Department of Labor’s strict regulations. The terminals make your job effortless. The employees clock times are electronically captured and transmitted for payroll processing. Multiple locations can have separate levels of security and management approval access.

Features and Benefits

  • Low start up costs
  • Seamless payroll integration
  • Multiple clocks in single or multi-locations
  • Exception, time and pay reports
  • Job Tracking
  • Automated Tip Reporting
  • Management control of punches, reports, and rules via the web
  • Time card printout via the web
  • No equipment to purchase or lease
  • No equipment to maintain. We maintain and repair all clock terminals
  • Easy to use, no employee training required
  • Manager training can be accomplished in 10 minutes
  • Not dependent on any one person for time management
  • Variable pay by labor segment
  • Multiple Security and Management approval levels